Deregulate NY

A Project of the Empire Center


Horse Massage Therapy

Certified horse massage therapists are prohibited from practicing in New York, only licensed veterinarians are authorized to do so. Lori Smith tried to open a horse massage therapy business but a state department of education investigator told her she needed to stop or risk facing civil or criminal penalties.



Wine in Grocery Stores

Selling wine in New York’s grocery stores is illegal. Wine product, a similar beverage with less than six percent alcohol by volume (ABV), is allowed. Beer, on the other hand, can be sold regardless of alcohol content, with some craft beers reaching ABV of 20 percent or more. This presents a clear barrier to winery owners participating fully in the market.



Drybar Training

Drybars are hair salons that only offer hair washing, blow drying and styling services. In New York, drybar stylists have to complete 300 hours (nearly two months) of training. This creates a ridiculous and unnecessary barrier of entry to people trying to make a living.